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New Service Coming from SCOTT-LOCK LTD on 1st October

We have all bought used cars that only came with just one key or remote fob and normally you would go to your local dealer to get a spare key or remote made, but that can be quite expensive. The cost can range up to £300, sometimes more!!

Affordable spare remotes from an Auto locksmith in York

With SCOTT-LOCK LTD you have 2 choices;
  1. Choose a genuine manufacturer remote fob - at a far better cost than main dealer prices.
  2. Choose a non genuine universal remote fob to match your car - for even better prices.
You get all the functionality of a genuine fob all at very affordable prices. No need to go and pay main dealer prices anymore, just give Gary a call on 01904 862066.

We will be adding more and more vehicle makes on a regular basis so keep checking back with us.


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