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Why we make it easy for burglars

Who else has keys for your home?

Whether you have euro cylinders, night latches or mortise locks many of us don’t change the locks on outside doors, gates and sheds when we move in to our homes. If you think about it, most of us give spare keys to friends, family or neighbours who may lose them or not return them when you move so why would it be any different when you move in to your new home? Who else has keys for your home? Can you be sure? If not it’s time to change them.

Not locking windows and doors!

Even when you do have a good standard of locks fitted to your doors and windows, you don’t lock them! Burglars know this and gain entry even whilst the homeowner is at home because there is no noise in opening a door. If you leave windows open especially in summer or dry days this makes life so easy for burglars.

Garage doors left wide open

Leaving garage doors open for everyone to see what you have in there is another way burglars target your property. Be careful who you tell about what you keep in your garage as this information can be passed on. Open the garage door then close it every time you need something from it.

Gardens or back yards without locks

This makes it simple for burglars to gain entry and stay out of sight whilst they are trying to get in to your house or shed. Gaps in fences or treeline provide simple ways to enter your garden or yard. Keeping expensive garden furniture or equipment on show confirms that entering your property is worth the risk.

Valuables can be seen from the street

Walking past the front, back and sides of your home and can clearly see in through windows things like 50” tv’s, high end jewellery, game consoles, mobile phones and car keys from the street makes the reward vs risk variable very easy for both opportunists and burglars.

No alarm fitted

Having an alarm reduces your risk of being burgled as no burglar wants to take the risk of alerting anyone about their presence. However many of us who do have alarm systems amazingly DON’T switch them on! Fitting an alarm is simple to do and easy for the whole family to operate.

A build up of mail at your door

Many of us have glass panels at the bottom of our doors making it obvious when mail is building up when you are on holiday. A sure sign no one is at home, an easy decision for a burglar to attempt a break-in.

Car keys left near doors and windows

Car keys left in easy access of outside doors and windows make it easy for burglars to ‘hook’ the keys via the letterbox or smash the glass and steal your car, quick and easy for a big reward.

Outside PIR Lights

Having PIR lights fitted outside your property is a great way to deter burglars and opportunists who approach your home. Make sure that they work and you change bulbs as soon as they blow.

Neighbourhood Watch

Joining your local neighbourhood watch can help deter opportunists and ensures everyone looks out for each other. Reporting low level crime and disturbances does help reduce more serious crime from developing. A broken window left could lead to another or a break in or worse, so look after your home and look after your neighbours.

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