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Y-cam protect Student View Pack


Y-cam Protect Student View Pack Alarm Smart Home Security System

Protect Student View Pack Includes

  • 1 x Protect smart home security system Hub
  • 1 x Protect Motion Sensor
  • 1 x Protect Access Sensor
  • 1 x Protect Remote
  • 1 x Protect Internal Camera
  • For additional security (e.g. phone call alerts) add the Plus service

Y-cam Protect Alarm is a complete home security system designed to protect your property and family. It is an easy-to-use, smart wireless alarm system that you can arm or disarm from your phone. It provides total control and flexibility of your home security needs, notifying you instantly² of any alarms. Combine your Y-cam Protect Alarm with the Y-cam Plus service to stay powered and connected during blackouts.

Control your alarm system from your smartphone

Control your alarm system
from your smartphone

Stay in control and check² the status of your property’s security wherever you are via the free Y-cam app on iOS or Android.

Push alarm notification

Push alarm notification

Be alerted with instant notifications sent to your phone² so you’ll know right away when something happens.

Total Control

See what’s happening

Integrates seamlessly with your Y-cam camera to see what’s happens when your alarm is triggered.

Stick and Go

Stick and Go

Wire-free installation with ‘stick-and-go’ sensor set up.

Expandable System

Expandable System

Tailor the system to your personal needs, add as many sensors and remotes as you like to fully protect what matters to you.

Amazon Echo Alexa voice control

Amazon Echo Alexa voice control

Use your voice with Amazon Echo to control your alarm system when your hands are full. You can arm/disarm, set home mode.

Get more from your home security system with Y-cam Plus

Always connected

Always connected

Stay connected during power-cuts and broadband outage. Y-cam’s ‘Dual Path’¹ technology automatically routes the alarm signals over mobile networks using the built-in SIM card when your broadband connection is down so your home security remains active.

Complete Solution

Automatic camera activation

Y-cam’s alarm sensors automatically activate¹ your Y-cam camera(s) to record what’s happening at the scene when your alarm is triggered.

Phone call alarm trigger Alerts

Phone call alarm trigger Alerts3

Y-cam call¹ you when your alarm is triggered. You will be informed which sensor activated the alarm and guided to take appropriate action. If you don’t answer Y-cam will automatically call your pre-defined Trusted contact.

Stick and Go

Be notified when your line is down

Y-cam Protect has a secure communication line which is monitored¹ by Y-cam’s unique cloud technology which notifies you whenever the line is down.